Position: Document Management Specialist

  04.05.2023 |   Telecom/Multimédia

Essential duties and responsibilities:

The Document Management Specialist defines strategy and rules for creating, reviewing, approval, storing, versioning and update of all types of documents, forms and records including internal documentation and customer-related documents, electronically manages documents and records of the company, he is responsible for the administration and development of document management system.


Document Management System – Quality & Strategy specialist
• Defines strategy for document management system in our company regarding of internal and external documentation, define types of internal and external documentation and their ownership and responsibilities and managing rules (centrally managed documents or individual approach per department).
• Sets up strategy for document management tools - define storage, tools, structure of storage, access rights and permissions, tool administration, tool workflow (e.g., MS 365, teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, wiki-confluence, DOCs&FORMs, Ares, Infoportal, PLAZZA, SPRINT, ...).
• Defines rules for creating, reviewing, approval, storage, versioning and updating of all type documents, forms and records including internal documentation and customer related documents and ensure their availability for employees according to their role and working needs.
• Controls whether the defined strategy and rules are followed.
• Identifies and recommends improvement of document management system to determine current effectiveness and efficiency based on evaluation of existing document management systems and best practices (e.g., e-signature).
• Defines changes in document management system tools if it will be needed. Implements new tools when relevant - e.g., AI tool for creating customer documentation.
• Communicates and consults with other staff when assessing, acquiring, or deploying new electronic document management systems to ensure smooth transition and minimal disruption.

Project Management – Document Management System changes delivery
• Manages the project of document management system and deliver its scope.
• Project team meetings organization.
• Creating plans and getting them approved.
• Scope delivery (scope defined and approved in Project brief).
• Handover of the implemented strategy to the new internal employee.

Administration of Document Management System
• Maintain the document management system, supports and monitors process of creating, reviewing, approval of internal documents (e.g., QADs/QAFs). Ensures relevant identification and attributes of documents, manage publishing of internal documents and availability/access rights to the documents on Docs&Forms.
• Reviews of document consistency, contradictions, structure and relevancy of document type and its storage. Ensures/reminds necessary update of internal documents according our companies rules.



Start date:


Other requirements:

• University degree
• Fluent English – must
Previous experience
• Document management specialist / ISO specialist (ISO9001 - quality)

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Basic understanding of laws and regulations regarding document management.
• Analytical and technical skills.
• Creative problem-solving skills.
• ISO9001 certification.
Interpersonal skills:
• Analytical thinking
• Dynamic
• Flexible/agile
• Communicative
• Conceptual thinking
• Creative
• Organizational skills
• Proactive attitude
• Ability to work independently
• Active listening
• Ability to motivate people
• Ability to work under pressure
• Team player
• Responsible

Valid from: