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Join the Data Engineering & BI chapter! Team of experts responsible for data analytics, reporting and data science. The main mission is to provide reporting and analytical solutions that make optimal use of data for standard and ad-hoc analytics. You will be first allocated to the Collateral Management Systems area; leading delivery of future reporting and business analytical solutions. In this role you will work as Data Engineer in Treasury Collateral Management IT. You will work in a multi-functional environment and will interact closely with our business partners and develop, enhance, and optimize our core solutions in an agile setup using industry-leading BI and data technologies (Data Warehousing, Power BI Datasets) in Azure cloud. The role includes (among others) the following key duties: Constantly improve and enhance our data models and landscape in DAX and MSSQL together with the business owners. This includes translation of algorithms into code, integration of new data feeds, implementation of new analytical capabilities, refactoring of existing code and defect resolution. Collaborate closely with business partners and reporting teams to translate algorithms and business needs into code. Rationalize and constructively challenge the requirements, examine alternative options to drive focus on high value improvements and to ensure clean, efficient and performant implementation Create specifications and documentation that have appropriate level of detail suitable for use by other technology team(s).
For one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance and insurance, located in Bratislava, we are looking for an experienced IT Resilience Coordinator. In this role you will be instrumental in ensuring the functionality, resilience, and security of IT applications by reviewing meticulous testing practices and optimizing processes. Your excellent communication and analytical skills, and collaborative nature will contribute to the refinement of IT disaster recovery plans and the establishment of efficient testing methodologies. We invite you to play a key role in securing the IT Resilience. You will contribute to a diverse team of talented professionals dedicated to effectively manage IT Disaster Recovery. In your role, you: Leverage analytics derived from operations, such as Business Continuity Management, DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act), to identify potential continuous testing needs and opportunities for IT Applications. Promote a shift from annual testing to continuous testing to adapt to changing development, deployment, and operating models. Collaborate with teams to mature and optimize the first coverage for emerging risks, especially, in the context of cyber threats. Place a stronger focus on data backup testing, particularly in the face of ransomware threats. Continuously refine and optimize testing processes and industry standards to ensure the effectiveness of IT Resilience framework to support preparedness for IT recovery from a disaster. Work closely with multi-functional teams to define testing criteria while ensuring comprehensive coverage of critical IT services. Effectively use and analyze outcomes of IT disaster recovery efforts to support the testing process. About the Team We develop and maintain IT Continuity-, Resilience- and DR- capabilities to mitigate the risk of unavailability and enable prioritized recovery of IT Services in the event of a major disruption with minimal impact to critical business processes. Our team ensures that measures are effectively embedded within the organization and considers modern and best-in-class operating models and tech environments (Cloud, SaaS, Dev(Sec)Ops, IaC).
Pre TOP telekomunikačného klienta, v Bratislave, hľadáme skúseného Technického Dizajnéra: - Budeš sa priamo podieľať na rozšírení a optimalizácíi mikroservices architektúry - Budeš aktívne vytvárať most medzi business a technickým svetom - Nestačí len transformovať zadanie do UML, aj ked sa tomu urcite nevyhneš, dôležité je problematiku komplexne uchopiť - Očakáva sa od teba potiahnutie celého zadania do úspesného konca
Remote, v prípade potreby, však očakávame tvoje plne nasadenie v office - Onboarding a prvotne zladenie (cca pár týždňov) bude prebiehat onsite, v Bratislave.
For a leading worldwide telecommunications company in Vienna, we are searching an experienced Site Engineer for the position of Construction Supervisor, providing in-depth technical knowledge in field supervision, preferably in the field of Outside Plant facilities. Responsibilities: - Coordinates, dispatches, manages, and monitors the on-site resources (manpower, machinery, and materials) for OSP construction (Outside Plant) - Tracks and reports the on-site construction progress of OSP projects. - Manages the construction quality and EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) of OSP sites. - Handles on-site OSP accidents and problems. - Outputs and collects documents related to concealed work on site, such as inspection records. - Organizes and implements on-site OSP acceptance. - Assist and guide subcontractors in communicating with municipalities to apply for excavation permits. - Assist and guide subcontractors to communicate with third-party (Electricity company, water company, gas company, etc.) - Reporting to Project Manager&Quality & EHS Manager
Vienna Head-office, on-site

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