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T & T Consulting ist ein Unternehmen hochqualifizierter IT/Telco Spezialisten, die ihre wertschöpfende Expertise und Lösungen für globale und regionale Akteure im Bereich innovativer Technologien, sowohl auf Basis von Zeitarbeit, als auch Turn-key anbieten.











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For our leading Slovak Telecommunications client based in Bratislava, we are seeking for a senior Business Analyst with expertise in digital. Business analyst will execute key role by being an active link between the business, IT, architecture and the project needs. Expectation is that this role must drive in a structured way active discussion, focusing on setting goals and bringing other sites to contribute with their specific knowledge to a common result. Being able to define processes, steps, logical constrains in following areas: business needs, process steps, IT constrains and prerequisites. He/She will be co-responsible for designing and specification of project scope. Agile principles, proactive end to end topic handling and strong ownership with high empathy towards colleagues are necessary in building trust and leading by example principle to share project team ideology in cooperation. Business analyst will, with cooperation of solutions architect and engineers, actively work towards variants evaluation and designing concept and scope to be delivered. Business analyst is responsible for: - Collaborates in agile team as an active link between BUS and IT - Client journey mapping and reverse engineering cross channels - BPMN designing, validation and specification. - BUS support in the requirements collection and definition phase - Transformation of BUS requirements to functional specification - Collaboration with IT specialist translation to technical specification - Align possible variants and benefits contribution with architecture (EA, BUS, IT and solution) - BUS support in all implementation process phases - Bringing ideas towards digitalization and process modernization/transformation - Helping business and IT to define Goals, OKRs and KPIs definition, monitoring and evaluation Specific Responsibilities: - Education of agile principles by leading by example - Proactive E2E ownership in the area of competency
Bratislava and remote work: first 3 months 4 Office – 1 HO, than 3 Office to 2 HO
Perform on-site support of client´s IMS core network elements, platforms, systems, applications and services (Fixed). 2. Independently perform diagnostic investigation of complex customer-impacting IMS Fixed core network issues towards the goal of fast resolution. 3. Perform software upgrade of IMS core network elements like CSCF/SSS/SBC/MGCF/MGW/USPP/NFV, etc. 4. Analyze core network design, reliability, performance, and maintenance problems and provide design improvements and recommendations to improve the customer experience and operational support a wide array of platforms in the TMO NGN CS and IMS voice core network, including MSS/MGW, MGCF, CSCF, BGCF, TAS, MRF, ATCF, and SBC equipment. 5. Independently analyze highly complex technical Fixed service issues that cannot be resolved through routine or automated operations and maintenance procedures and drive investigations to isolate the root cause for fast resolution and limit customer impact. 6. Provide IMS core network Training to client´s customer.
Vienna, onsite
Responsibilities:  Monitor & handle engineering procedure, engineering quality & EHS issues onsite  Carry out onsite quality inspection especially for concealed works in the process of construction  Stop nonstandard & unsafe operation onsite, report of engineering problems  Record & report of engineering progress everyday  Communicate with customers, subcontractors, and surrounding residents to ensure the smooth progress of the roject  Supervise the on-site resource input of subcontractors Start day as soon as possible, according your availability.
Vienna/Lower Austria/Tyrol, Austria
For our global leading banking client based in Vienna we are hiring an experienced Java Fullstack developer. You are an experienced developer SQL, ETL, Java, Springboot? You know how to use and improve CI/CD pipelines? You are convinced about the agile mindset and methodology? If you have expertise in this area, you know what this is all about, but here are the specifics: Your mission at RBI:  Develop, optimize and operate our data processing pipeline using Java-framework for ETL scheduling and Teradata SQL database  Develop jointly with the business experts the function blocks and solution designs  Implementation of software development best practices and development standards into a development process within the team  Improve our test automation and CI/CD pipeline
Vienna, partially remote
The Project manager for project “Revamp FBB, Love Benefits” is responsible for managing the assigned project/program in the defined quality, time and within the approved budget. Responsible for delivering all required project/program deliverables, including communication with project/program stakeholders or the Project Board. • Project manager is responsible for the fulfilment of the defined goals, focuses on the delivery of benefits of the project/program. • Manages projects/programs approximately worth from 0.25 to 0,5 million EUR (in external OSK costs), • Manages a project team of 10 to 30 people, which is composed of representatives from various departments, assigns tasks and controls their fulfilment, participates in the evaluation of employees who are or were part of project teams. • Uses stakeholder management techniques at the local of the project/program team. • Regularly checks and reports the status of the project/program including TOP management, is responsible for transparent and clear management of changes in projects (scope management/change management process). • Identifies the dependencies between the commercial needs of the company in relation to the delivered project/program and based on these findings, sets the direction of the project/program (with respect to time, resources, quality) so that the commercial goals of the company are met. • Alerts to risks, problems and issues in a timely manner and escalates them (risk and issue management). • Performs other tasks appointed by the direct supervisor.
Pre nášho Telco klienta v Bratislave, hľadáme posilu do IT Integration tímu, ktorého slovník obsahuje veľa moderných slov ako INTERFACE, INTEGRÁCIA, API, SOA, MESSAGE, PAYLOAD, SOAP, REST, PUSH, POLL, BUSINESS ERROR, SYSTEM FAULT a mnoho ďalších. Dávajú Vám tieto slová význam? Je pravda aj nasledovné? Baví Vás sledovať vývoj nových technológií a rozmýšľať nad ich použitím v praxi? Zaujíma Vás, ako fungujú aplikácie a baví Vás spoznávanie ich funkcionalít? Chcete sa naučiť ako APIs používať, navrhovať alebo aj implementovať? Zaujíma Vás, ako realizujeme a doručujeme novinky zákazníkom? Vašou náplňou práce bude: Zbierať, vyhodnocovať, vyjasňovať a validovať požiadavky a návrhy na úpravu systémov voči technickým možnostiam. Navrhovať rozhrania medzi systémami a zabezpečovať ich dodanie. Dohliadať na alebo zabezpečovať realizáciu. Zabezpečovať overenie kvality po nasadení do produkčnej prevádzky a koordinovať riešenie chýb. Preberať zodpovednosť a vlastníctvo za aplikácie a systémy s cieľom zabezpečenia ich rozvoja a bezchybnej prevádzky.
Our client is one of turn-key suppliers for FTTH rollout in next years (minimal 3 years). We are looking for experienced and motivated engineers to staff the project organization who is going to organize and control suppliers. Tasks: - Team guidance on technical procedures - Definition on implementation process, process effort and technical guideline - Coordination of subcontractors, supervision and training in order to ensure adequate technology use and quality - Monitor the implementation work to ensure required quality standards - Define the working methodology and collaborate with the PM - Monitor & provide training to PM / Coordinators / Suppliers - and any other role with involvement in the project - Confirm and verify WCC - Make a reasonable project plan and deliver it effectively according to the plan."
Vienna on-site
Our client is one of turn-key suppliers for FTTH rollout project in next years (minimal 3 years). We are looking for experienced and motivated engineers to staff the project organization who is going to organize and control suppliers. Tasks: - Plan & Design FTTH network Solutions including HLD, LLD, Drawings, and BOQ etc. Review the CO location(s) selection and provide comments - Check and validate FTTH main feeder routes and boundaries - Check and validate the Splitter Boundaries and Distribution Cable Routing - Validate & prepare any amendment’s required to original design - Inspect and validate the optical budget - Prepare Point to point connectivity solutions including plan, design, drawings, BOQ - Coordination with all related stakeholders. - Verifications of ODF design including Port/ODF allocation - Verification of Floor plans (CO and MDU Telecom Room) and node locations - Attend any queries from the vendor/implementation team - Check that the received as-built drawings are aligned with the original plans and the issued amendments
Vienna on-site
Responsibilities include, but not limited to: - Support the fiber project (FTTH) bidding - Define the project plan with customer and be responsible for project fulfillment in terms on cost, time and scope. - Develop and maintain customer relationship, be responsible for communication and escalation over customer. - Manage & organize projects involving externals / other service providers. - Be responsible to fulfill project management frame work process. - Be responsible to manage the subcontractor. - Have a risk control matrix to define a contingency plan to ensure project delivery on time. - Manage the project definitions and make all stakeholders on line with the requirements and output documentation. - Define the monthly KPI for Fiber deployment milestones, quality and invoicing. - Report in weekly and daily basis to customer and superior the project status.
Vienna, Austria, onsite
Pozice samostatného seniorního speciality v týmu radiového plánování RAN sítí generací 2G, 4G i 5G mobilního operátora. Plánování RF sítí pro účely trialů a analýz. Samostatně plní úkoly v rozsahu analýzy síťových dat a parametrů, vyhodnocování kvalitativních parametrů KPI, sestavování elementů RF vysílačů dle jejich účelu, analýz dopadů změn RF pokrytí, průzkumu lokalit vysílacích bodů RF sítě a přípravy zadávací dokumentace třetím stranám pro stavby či úpravy těchto vysílačů. Náplň práce: - Analyzuje soubory plánovacích i síťových dat a indikátorů KPI - Vybírá vhodné lokality pro umístění vysílačů RF sítě podle definovaných kriterií (efektivita, pokrytí, atd.) - Provádí simulace pokrytí v plánovacích nástrojích za účelem nastavení a vyhodnocení cílů plánování - Analyzuje RF pokrytí jednotlivých vysílačů a přijímá opatření k jeho optimalizaci či zefektivnění - Samostatně rozhoduje o potřebě cílených úprav RF vysílačů a tyto úpravy navrhuje a posuzuje - Analyzuje stížnosti zákazníků týkající se pokrytí RF sítí a navrhuje řešení - Pracuje jako kontaktní osoba vůči oddělení Marketing a Sales pro sběr požadavků na zajištění kvalitního pokrytí mobilních sítí a zjištění pokrytí v definovaných oblastech. - Vyhodnocuje nabídky na sdílení lokalit od třetích stran pro využití klienta. Vyhodnocuje požadavky na umístění zařízení třetích stran na lokalitách klienta. - Provádí plánování RF sítí nebo jejich částí (clusterů) pro účely analýz či další interní užití u klienta (například jako vstupů pro další rozhodování, trialů apod.) - Podílí se vývoji a testování rádiových a mikrovlných plánovacích nástrojů a databází. - Připravuje odborné analýzy potřeb a nákladů (Business Case) v oblasti přístupových sítí ve spolupráci s oddělením finančního kontrolingu. - Sestavuje skladbu elementů RF vysílačů a rozhoduje o potřebě jejich modifikací nebo posílení - Podílí se na vyhodnocení dopadů změn v oblasti RF pokrytí, kvality i kapacity sítě a přijímá opatření k eliminaci nežádoucích jevů a problémů - Sestavuje skladby HW dílů a jejich parametrů v plánovacích databázích a dbá o jejich správnost a efektivnost - Připravuje zadávací dokumentace externím subdodavatelům - Účastní se obhlídek vysílacích lokalit v přidělené oblasti a zpracovává tam provedená zjištění - Spolupracuje se zástupci designu RF sítí ostatních mobilních operátorů z pohledu nutné výměny informací (sdílení lokalit, sdílení služeb, sdílení sítí) nebo při potřebě stanovení společného postupu.
Slovakia, Czechia
Amazing opportunity to work with the latest technology SAP S/4 HANA technology and IT solution using SAP FI module SAP customizing, system parametrization, IT business analysis, testing, maintenance of productive IT solution, incident handling, quarter close support, investigations in area of Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR) and Bank connectivity, substitutions, validations, support of IT interfaces. Translate business requirements into functional design and system specifications, covering all aspects of the new solution including test and deployment. Work out, discuss and analyze the requirements for new solutions and improvements in close collaboration with business experts, other SAP consultants and application engineers. Work closely with the ABAP developers in the realization phase and ensure accurate understanding and implementation of business requirements About the team Diverse and dynamic team of IT specialists, IT business analysts, SAP consultants, ABAP and HANA developers Globally distributed team working mostly with internal Finance colleagues with significant base in Bratislava. Our focus is to run, maintain, further improve already existing functionalities and develop new ones. We are responsible for several interfaces to/from SAP FI and variety of custom solutions to support both internal and external requirements.
Bratislava, Slovakia
This role covers a versatile range of assignments and activities. Being in charge of Managed Service project’s execution and monitoring, performance monitoring and reporting over different areas (KPI), SLA monitoring and SLA Reporting, Ticket handling and Backoffice/2nd Line activities are the highlights of this this job. Mobile Network experience is a “must have” to execute this role. Responsibilities: 1. Support the Backoffice Experts in their daily business (ticket handling, SLA monitoring) and act as a supervisor. 2. Support on network integration activities for new sites. 3. Creation of various operational reports and statistics. 4. Execute and monitor managed service projects for the customer. 5. Manage the day-to-day Managed Service operation, review the MS reports and take immediate action for any of abnormal issues. 6. Ensure the network and service quality within specified Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and guarantee the fulfillment of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). 7. Taking responsibility to work on continuous improvement for on customer issues. 8. Regular customer meetings, understand customer need, improve the service quality and provide resolution for customer raised issue, 9. Attending project meetings, act as coordinator among Customer and their sub-contractors for any issue about Managed Service operation, Scope of Work and Responsibility Matrix. 10. OnCall-Duty services to support the customers. 11. Reporting directly to the Operations Directors. KPIs: 1. Ensure to meet KPI and SLA requirement according to contract, 2. Finish required reports on schedule, 3. Dealing with accidents timely, 4. Complete work task on time under supervisor’s requirement, 5. Ability to identify improvements. 6. Passion, diligence and keep learning. Relations with colleagues: 1. Direct supervisor: Operations Director. 2. Coordinative positions: leading of small Managed Service or Performance Monitoring projects. 3. Subordinate positions: temporary project roles during project execution.
Für unseren Kunden, einen Infrastrukturbetrieb, der den Ausbau eines Glasfasernetzes in Österreich vorantreibt, suchen wir hochmotivierte, selbständig agierende Mitarbeiter*innen (m/w/d) mit Erfahrung im Bereich FTTH Rollout & Project Management. Rollenbeschreibung: • Fungiere als Ansprechperson im Bieterverfahren sowie als Schnittstelle zum Einkauf und arbeite dabei aktiv an der Gestaltung von Verträgen mit Auftragnehmer*innen mit • Übernimm die Verantwortung für die Aussteuerung und Koordination der Auftragnehmer*innen und stimme dich laufend operativ mit diesen ab • Identifiziere Steuerungsvorgaben und Qualitätsverbesserungsmaßnahmen im Team und optimiere dadurch die Ergebnisse unserer Auftragnehmer*innen • Übernimm die Verantwortung von der Angebotserstellung und Ausschreibung bis zum Vertragsabschluss und kümmere dich um E2E Rolloutmanagement (Projektierung der Ausbauprojekte, Übergreifendes Gesamtmonitoring aller verantworteten Ausbauprojekte)
Wien, Österreich, on-site, teilweise home office möglich

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