Position: Customer experience monitoring Consultant

  29.11.2021 |   Telecom/Multimédia

essentielle Verantwortlichkeiten und Aufgaben

Job Objective: Analyzing possibilities of measurement and evaluation of mobile network quality, using drive testing or other sources (SW tolls, crowd sourcing Ookla or others)

Key Responsibilities:
Define KPI oriented on customer satisfaction
Perform activities in evaluating mobile network quality in Czech Republic
Deliver and present result to client´s engineers and managers based on time plan agreed
Define and improve methodology for network quality monitoring and cooperate with client in implementation
Closely follow the trends in the World of mobile operators on network quality measurement and define its implementation and process changes used by client
Use data delivered (own measurement, SW Tools outputs, etc.) from client´s engineers or other open available sources or sources from DT group (crowd sourcing, internet etc.). Prepare regular network performance evaluation for all relevant mobile network operators
Standalone analysis of drive test measurement and provide proposals for long term improvements
Perform network measurement with measurement equipment lend from client
Support in SW tool implementation, which are customer experience oriented and should improve long term quality improvement. Data collection and presentation of self-performed analysis
Big data analysis and presentation of results based on performed analysis with focus on customer experience
Network measurement tolls configuration in line for improve measurement methodology and server configuration for consistent measurements. Both activities with strong focus on customer experience evaluation.





Andere Vorraussetzungen:

University degree in electrical engineering
Orientation in the field of radio networks, including work with measuring systems, analysis of output data
5 years of continuous experience in telecommunications, knowledge of network elements of mobile network transmission technologies (2G, 4G, 5G)
Professional Technical English (ability to study technical specifications and documentation)
Analytical thinking with an emphasis on correct and effective evaluation of assignments and the ability to independently analyze and present data
Technical judgment, diligence and independence
End to end responsibility for assigned tasks, including active cooperation within the company
Competence for work on electrical equipment (Decree 50/1978 Coll., Within the scope of §6 or higher)
Willingness to travel within the measurement of the radio network on the basis of assignment, driver's license sk. B welcome (own car advantage)

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